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Special Event Mosquito Treatment

Whether it’s a wedding, a family reunion, or another event, you want the gathering to be memorable because of the event itself — not because of the number of mosquitoes guests had to fend off. Before the big day, having the area you’ll be in, treated for mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests can make all the difference. This is a pest treatment meant to cover a sizable outdoor area, making it safe for guests to enjoy the day without sacrificing comfort.

What Happens During a Special Event Treatment?

About one to three days before the event, our technicians will use a barrier treatment on foliage in and around the site, looking for mosquito breeding areas, too, and treat those. . This barrier acts like a time-release treatment, controlling mosquitoes for several days, even after the event is over. The barrier is odorless and should not be noticeable to your guests.

How Do I Set up a Special Event Treatment?

Call our office to arrange for an evaluation and to discuss costs and timing. At that point, you can get a free estimate of what it will cost to treat the area and make an appointment for our technicians to come out and see the layout of the event property. We can work around other preparation for the event, too, such as catering or furniture setup.

Why Use Mosquito Squad of Greater Ocean County?

Our technicians are licensed, and our barrier treatment is EPA-approved. We can reduce the mosquito population by up to 95 percent with one treatment. This is a safe, effective process that won’t interfere with your plans.

If you want to make your special event a day to enjoy, give Mosquito Squad of Greater Ocean County a call at 732-551-2324. We’re ready to help you create a clean, comfortable location that your guests will happily remember.

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