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Mosquito Control That Works

Mosquitoes are notoriously unwelcome guests that have no problem inviting themselves to your property. Armed with the services of Mosquito Squad of Greater Ocean County, you’ll be able to enjoy swat-free summers thanks to our mosquito barrier control methods.

Our barrier control service is tough on invaders, ensuring an effective blanket of protection for your family. After our professional technicians treat your property with our micro-encapsulated treatment, our product will ward off mosquitoes for around 21 days, depending on rain and other weather elements.

To maintain optimal protection, we recommend scheduling a service with our dependable team every three weeks. We know you’re busy, so you don’t have to worry about being home when our technicians are there. We’ll send you an advanced reminder of your scheduled service, and we’ll leave a note to let you know we’ve been there.

Our Mosquito Barrier Control Works!

Thanks to our superior product and expert team of technicians, strategic placement of barrier control:

  • Eradicates breeding grounds on your property;
  • Creates a barrier around your property that keeps additional ticks and mosquitoes away;
  • Eliminates existing adult mosquitoes and ticks on contact
  • Treats larvae with larvicide to prevent the hatching of future pests;
  • Protects your home continuously for 21 days, at which time we’ll return to reinforce your barrier.
  • Why Choose Mosquito Squad of Greater Ocean County?

    We’re not your average pest control people. We specialize in the elimination of ticks and mosquitoes, and we’re exceptional at what we do! Our team of professionals is licensed by the state of New Jersey in the application of mosquito and tick control. We understand where and how mosquitoes live in New Jersey, and our knowledge of their habitats and biology allows us to deliver excellent results to our customers.

    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

    We know you’ll be ecstatic to see up to 90% of mosquitoes eliminated from your property. If, for some reason, you are displeased, we’ll promptly re-treat your property at no charge or refund your money as part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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